The Climb

The hill climb is one of the ascents of the beautiful Walbury Hill (297m/974 feet above sea level), West Berkshire (the highest natural point in Southern England). The course covers a distance of 1883 metres (2,059 yards). After an initial ramp at the start, there is a fairly easy section before the route forks to the left on a narrow lane and ramps up before opening up a view of the scenery on the left. The course then continues up to a final 1:10 ramp, which gives way to a brief level section before the finish line

Selection of last years hill climb images
by photographers Mark Davies and Steve Dixon

Tejvan Pettinger - Mens Nrc hill climb champion

Maryka Sennema - Womens Nrc hill climb champion

Danny Axford - sprint for finish line

Richard Cartland - sprint for finish line

David Billings - sprint for finish line

Mid way point - before final push